Auditors are approved by the Bank’s Annual General Shareholders' Meeting.

An auditor of the Bank can be any entity with no ownership interest in the Bank or the Bank’s shareholders authorized to provide audit services under applicable law.

The auditor shall examine financial and business operations of the Bank in accordance with the Russian regulations and based on the agreement entered into with such auditor.

IFRS Auditors

The Bank’s financial statements prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards have been audited since 2002. Since 2008 audit services have been provided by ZAO KPMG.


Address: 10, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, 123317, Russia
Telephone: /495/ 937 4477, fax: /495/ 937 4499.

Between 2002 and 2007 the Bank’s IFRS financial statements were audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit (ZAO PWC Audit).

RAS Auditors

The Bank’s financial statements prepared in accordance with the Russian Accounting Standards have been audited by FBK Ltd since 2014.


Address: 44 bldg. 1, ul. Myasnitskaya, Moscow, 101990
Telephone: /495/ 737 5353, fax: /495/ 737 5347

Between 2003 and 2013 the Bank’s RAS financial statements were audited by the following companies:

  • 2012–2013 — ZAO BDO
  • 2010–2011 — OOO BDO Saint Petersburg
  • 2007–2009 — OOO BDO Unicon Severo-Zapad
  • 2006 — ZAO PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit
  • 2004–2005 — OOO BDO Unicon Severo-Zapad
  • 2003 — OOO Peterburgskiy Bankovskiy Audit