The first remote AGM among major Russian banks held by Bank Saint Petersburg

The Annual General Shareholders' Meeting of Bank Saint Petersburg was held on May 27, 2020 in a form of remote voting summarizing the Bank's performance in 2019.

In current conditions, following global market tendencies and in line with regulator’s requirements, the Bank’s shareholders took a decision not to pay out dividends on ordinary shares for 2019.

The AGM passed a resolution to pay out RUB 0.11 per preferred share in accordance with the Bank’s Charter. Total preferred share dividend payout amounts to RUB 2 211 000. Dividend cut-off date is
June 8th, 2020.

The following members were elected to the Bank's Supervisory Board: Andrey P. Bychkov, Alexey A. Germanovich, Vladislav S. Guz, Elena V. Ivannikova, Pavel A. Kiryukhantsev, Yury G. Levin, Sergey P. Nazarov, Alexander V. Savelyev, Andrey M. Zvyozdochkin.

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