Bank Saint Petersburg Approves Management Board Changes

In order to succeed in achieving goals of the Bank Saint Petersburg’ Strategy 2020, Mr. Pavel Filimonenok, Deputy Chairman of the Board, has been appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Vyacheslav Ermolin, Member of the Board, Vice President, was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank. The appointment is connected with the reform of the corporate unit, which the bank has successfully made. The quality of the loan portfolio has significantly improved and now the Bank faces the task of significantly increasing, and in fact, almost doubling, the Bank's market share in the segment of large and medium-sized businesses in our home North-West region. Mr. Ermolin will be responsible for working with large and medium-sized corporate clients.

In order to further transaction business development, it was decided to establish a single center for servicing mass business on the basis of the retail unit. The unit will be headed by Ms. Oksana Sivokobilska, Deputy Chairperson of the Board.

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