Bank Saint Petersburg Held Investor Day Event in Moscow

On April 19 Bank Saint Petersburg held its Investor Day 2018 in Moscow. During the event the Bank summarized its 2017 performance, presented new analytics on risk management and financial market operations and provided detailed disclosure of its strategic priorities for 2018-2020. All presentations represented answers to investors’ and analysts’ key questions. The Bank’s transparency, willingness to disclose all necessary information will help to increase the market capitalization of the Bank.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Konstantin Balandin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer. In his speech Mr. Balandin highlighted the factors which had influenced the Bank’s exceptionally high profit, the best in its history, gave forecasts for 2018, and also presented a method of using the core bankng margin to model the Bank's revenues.

Next was Ms. Kristina Mironova, Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board, Chief Risk Officer, who presented detailed analysis of the loan portfolio by generations, segments and products, and explained why cost of risk below 200 b.p. is more than possible for the Bank.

Using the examples of specific transactions, Mr. Alexey Teploukhov, Director for Financial Market Operations, gave a detailed review of achievments in generating a well-balanced trading income and maintaining high resilience to outside shocks. He also told about a wide market opportunities for trading with unique combination of the Bank’s scale and the market scale.

Mr. Konstantin Noskov, Vice President, Head of Strategy, closed presentations by highlighting the Bank’s future prospects: he gave answers to key strategic questions, described in detail the Bank’s anticipated qualitative changes and areas with growth potential for its core business. 

In follow-up of the event the Bank’s current and potential investors, analysts from investment banks and rating agencies, as well as mass media representatives marked the high quality of presentations and the Investor Day arrangements, as well as the Bank’s openness to the investment community. Bank Saint Petersburg will definitely retain the practice of meetings in the same format.

Bank’s Investor Day presentations are available on the Bank's website at: https://bspb.ru/en/investors/results/

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