Bank Saint Petersburg Approves a Management Board Membership Change

During its July 21, 2017, meeting the Supervisory Board of Bank Saint Petersburg addressed the proposed changes in the Bank’s Management Board. For the purposes of optimization, enhanced efficiency and operational responsiveness a resolution was made to approve a new Management Board comprising 9 members.

Mr. Maris Mancinskis, CEO and First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, resigns from his position with the Bank. Mr. Mancinskis made this decision for family reasons.

Mr. Alexander Savelyev, Chairman of the Management Board, Bank Saint Petersburg: “I deeply appreciate Mr. Mancinskis’ contribution to the development of the Bank’s core businesses and improvement of our corporate governance systems, as well as his professional experience that was very relevant to our needs.”

Ms. Oksana Panchenko, Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board, decided to end her assignment with the Bank and rejoin the professional banking community in Moscow.

Responsibilities of the current members of the Management Board will be reallocated in the nearest future. The corporate business will be headed by Mr. Vladimir Skatin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.

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