Bank Saint Petersburg held the Analyst Day in Moscow

On April 7, 2016, Bank Saint Petersburg held the Analyst Day in Moscow. Among the Bank's guests were the analysts of investment banks preparing periodical reports about the Bank for the stock market participants, the analysts of rating agencies as well as journalists from the leading federal mass media.

The first session meeting was headed by Mr. Konstantin Balandin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, who presented the Bank's Strategy for 2016–2018, highlighting the details of the Bank's competitive advantages, focusing on growth and innovations. It was followed by a Q&A session, which was, among other issues, devoted to the discussions of the Bank's development outside the home region, loan portfolio quality, guidance on key financial indicators for the nearest three years.

The Analyst Day also provided the guests with an opportunity to speak directly to the representatives of the Bank's various businesses. The second session meeting was opened by Ms. Oksana Sivokobilska, Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board, Head of Retail. In her presentation she told about the record of achievement in the retail business in 2015, special features of mortgage lending in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Bank's projects on new developments in the online financial services.

Then Ms. Tatiana Bogdanovich, the member of the Management Board, Senior Vice-President, Director of the Bank's Moscow Branch, took the floor. She told about the operation of the Branch in Moscow, one of the best banking boutiques on the market, which offers custom-made and complicatedly structured products.

The presentations delivered by the Bank's representatives were received with particular interest. Despite of the fact that it was just a second event of such kind, the Analyst Day was beyond any doubt a great success, allowing the Bank's guests to obtain detailed first-hand information on the Bank's development strategy. The Bank will retain the practice of regular meetings in the same format.

Analyst Day Presentation

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