Annual General Shareholders' Meeting Held by the Bank

The annual General Shareholders' Meeting of PJSC Bank Saint Petersburg held on June 18, 2015 summarized the Bank's performance in 2014.

The AGM approved the Bank's Annual Report for 2014 and the Annual Financial Statements, including the income statement and profit allocation based on the 2014 results.

The AGM passed a resolution to pay out the dividend for 2014 as follows:

  • RUB 2.02 per 1 share for ordinary shares;
  • RUB 0.11 per 1 share for preference shares.

Pursuant to the Meeting's resolution, RUB 890 mln was allocated for dividend payments. The persons entitled to dividends are determined as at July 3, 2015.

FBK Limited Liability Company was approved as the Bank's RAS auditor for the next reporting period.

The General Meeting elected the Revision Committee consisting of 5 members and passed a resolution approving related-party transactions to be entered into over the next reporting period.

The newly elected Supervisory Board will consist of the following members: Alexander V. Savelyev, Susan Gail Buyske, Andrey P. Bychkov, Alexey A. Germanovich, Vladislav S. Guz, Andrey T. Ibragimov, Elena V. Ivannikova, Alexander I. Polukeyev, Alexander V. Pustovalov.

Following the AGM, the new Supervisory Board held its first meeting, re-electing Mr. Alexander Savelyev as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board passed a resolution to establish a Strategy Committee and elected Mr. Alexander Savelyev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, to the position of the Committee Chairman. The new Committee will set key development priorities for the Bank and work towards increasing its capitalization.

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