Bank’s Information System Was Audited for PCI DSS Standard

The experts of Informzashchita, a company specializing in information security, completed their audit of the Bank’s compliance with the PCI DSS. This standard was developed by Visa International, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB with the purpose to raise security of cards processed, transferred and stored in the information systems of banks and processing centers. Informzashchita has the status of Qualified Security Assessor necessary for such work.

Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the largest regional banks in Russia, a member of Visa International and MasterCard. The Bank issues main cards of these payment systems and focuses its efforts on protection of its customer accounts. For the purpose to maintain the image of reliable company and meet the mandatory requirement of the international payment systems the Bank passed auditing for compliance with the PCI DSS standard.

According to Mr. Maxim Emm, Audit Director of Informzashchita: “To pass auditing is a very important step both to ensure compliance with the requirements of payment systems and raise the bank’s security in general. We appreciate that Bank Saint Petersburg chose Informzashchita as its auditor and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation”.

Mr. Pavel Filimonenok, Deputy Chairman of Bank Saint Petersburg also confirms the need in continuous updating of security systems: “Several hundred thousand Russians use the cards of Bank Saint Petersburg. We feel unconditional responsibility for compliance with all norms of information security and protection of payment systems. The professional audit of our processing center and information system proved their compliance with the PCI DSS standard which makes very high requirements to the security of card accounts and payments.