Bank’s press conference

On 11th February Bank Saint Petersburg held a press conference at the Interfax press center devoted to the launch of its Internet projects.

The press conference was conducted by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Bank  Indrek Neivelt, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Pavel Filimonenok and the Deputy General Director of BSS Alexander Monosov.

Mr. Neivelt told about the advantages and prospects of the Internet banking in Saint Petersburg. According to his forecast for the nearest years, up to 50 per cent of all payments in Saint Petersburg will be made via Internet.

Mr. Filimonenok informed the audience of the Bank’s latest Internet technologies plans. In November 2007 the Bank launched an updated version of its corporate site including the updated Internet-Bank service designed by Molinos. At present, 10,000 clients use this system. According to Mr. Filimonenok, the Bank plans to increase its Internet client base up to 50,000 by the end of 2008 and up to 200,000 by 2010.

Currently, all the Internet-Bank services are free of charges. “We will set the fees in future, but they will be much less than for the payments made at the Bank’s office”, said Pavel Filimonenok.

Deputy General Director of BSS Alexander Monosov spoke in detail about the Internet-Bank system’s safety. He underlined that the system developed by BSS for the Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the best products on the market now.