The Bank opened a Mortgage Center

Bank “Saint Petersburg” opened its own Mortgage Center. The specialized unit, which runs the mortgage business exclusively, is located in the premises of the Bank’s Corporate Banking Department at 7 Ostrovskogo Sq. Now, having come to the Mortgage Center, the Client can get consulting, choose suitable credit terms, sign documents and take a loan to buy an accommodation by the principle “one window”.

By opening the Center, the Bank will be able to facilitate the credit execution and issuing procedures as well as reduce the time which the Client spends to pass the required formalities. To optimize the mortgage servicing process is profitable both for the Bank’s clients and partners – mortgage brokers and building companies, with whom the Bank cooperates. According to the Bank’s projections, in the long run, such optimization allows to increase the volume of mortgage loans by 300% in the next eighteen months.

Creation of the Mortgage Center continues the Bank’s Retail Business Development Strategy. “We have been engaged in the mortgage lending for two years and feel the market’s interest and needs”, Deputy Chairman Pavel Filimonenok emphasized at the opening ceremony. “The mortgage loan is the most difficult product designated for the individual clients. That’s why we decided to concentrate this business at the Center. However, the Client can get a mortgage credit at any of the Bank’s 28 sites as it was before.”