The General Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders of OJSC “Bank “Saint Petersburg” was held on 17th May.
The Meeting approved the Management’s Report about the Bank’s operation in 2006, Balance Sheet as of 1st January 2007 and Statement of Income for 2006.

The Bank’s assets grew 95% in 2006 and amounted to 60.6 billion rubles. The shareholders’ equity increased 98% and accounted for 6,049 million rubles. The customer accounts were up 2.1 times and reached 53.5 billion rubles and the loan and similar arrears were also up 2.1 times and reached 45.6 billion rubles. The balance sheet profit for 2006 amounted to 1,434 million rubles, which was 23% more than for 2005.

The General Meeting elected the following Supervisory Council of the Bank:

Vladimir Garyugin – Head of GUP “Saint Petersburg Metro”;
Sergey Eganov – Director of CJSC “NEVA-RUS”;
Andrey Ibragimov – General Director of CJSC “Musin & Partners”;
Elena Ivannikova – First Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board of
Bank “Saint Petersburg”;
Felix Karmazinov – General Director of GUP “Vodokanal”;
Dmitry Korzhev – General Director of CJSC “Joint Capital;
Nina Kukuruzova – Director of the St. Petersburg Palace of Culture of the Educational Workers;
Indrek Neivelt – General Director of CJSC “TRUST IN”;
Alexander Polukeev – Vice-Governor of the Saint Petersburg Government;
Alexander Savelyev – Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC “Bank “Saint Petersburg”;
Dmitry Troitsky – Director for Development of CJSC “NEVA-RUS”

OOO” BDO Unicon North-West” and ZAO PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit were approved as the Bank’s auditors in 2007.

The Meeting of Shareholders made a resolution to pay the dividends in the amount of 14% of the par value on each ordinary share and 11% of the par value on each preference share.

As the Chairman of the Board said in the Management’s Report “the year 2006 became very successful for Bank “Saint Petersburg”; the volumes of its activities grew twice as much. The Bank increased significantly its share on the Saint Petersburg market of financial services over the year. We also managed to enter the international credit market, having placed a debut bond issue.”

07.05.2007 Moody's Investors Service raised the Bank's ratings on 4th May 2007