The report on the Bank's additional issue was registered

On 20th April the Head Office of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for Saint Petersburg registered a report on the results of the additional issue of the shares in Bank “Saint Petersburg”

The total volume of the additional issue was 30,000,000 (thirty million) registered ordinary shares. The method of placement - open subscription. The form of issue - non-documentary shares. The par value of one share was 1 ruble. The placement price was 53 rubles per one share.

By the results of the issue the Bank’s authorized capital was increased by 30,000,000 rubles to 251,500,000 rubles. The issuance income amounted to 1,560,000 rubles.

“The Bank’s business is expanded constantly, and its loan portfolio grows”, Deputy Chairman Vladimir Reutov says. “That’s why to increase the equity, which is a necessary condition and basis for business development, is one of our strategic tasks of top priority.”

The prospect of the issue was registered by the Head Office of the Bank of Russia for Saint Petersburg on 23rd January 2007. The issuing was conducted in accordance with the decision of the Supervisory Council of Bank “Saint Petersburg” on placement of the securities of 19.12.2006, Minutes No. 20.