Tatiana Bogdanovich was appointed as a director of the Bank

Tatiana Bogdanovich was born in Tver and graduated from the Tver State University and also the Post-Graduate Course at the Russian Academy of the Government Service under the President of the RF. She is a Candidate of Science (Sociology).

Tatiana Bogdanovich began her professional career in 1995 at CB “LOCO-Bank”. In 1999 she was appointed as the Development & Marketing Director and in 2000 the Deputy Chairperson of LOCO-Bank. In 2000 she moved to CB “Russian International Bank” to hold the office of the Client Relationship Director. From 2002 to 2005 she worked as the Deputy Chairperson and from 2005 to 2007 as the Chairperson of the Russian International Bank.

In the near future the documents for approval of Tatiana Bogdanovich as a branch director of Bank “Saint Petersburg” will be delivered to the Head Territorial Office of the Central Bank of the RF for Moscow.

The main task of Tatiana Bogdanovich in her new position will be to develop the areas which are of strategic importance for the Bank – corporate and investment operations, private banking and retail business.

“We develop our business in Moscow in accordance with the interests of our clients who are making business in two capitals. That’s why the growth rate of our branch in Moscow should be in consistency with the general development rate of Bank “Saint Petersburg, which has grown more than 20 times in the last 6 years,” the Chairman of the Management Board Alexander Savelyev believes. “I’m sure that these plans will be fulfilled successfully with the coming of such an experienced top manager as Tatiana Bogdanovich to our Bank.”