The Bank opened three new offices

Bank “Saint Petersburg” continues to expand its client servicing network. Today its three new additional offices have begun to operate – “Grazhdansky” at Grazhdansky pr. 36, “Petrogradsky” at Kamennoostrovsky pr. 20 and “Lakhta” at ul. Savushkina 118. The Bank has a total of 27 sites in Saint Petersburg now.

The new offices are decorated in a modern format in accordance with the Bank’s renovated brand style. The Internet-bank stands allow the customers to carry out their transactions without applying to the Bank’s officers.

“The Bank strives to be closer to its clients by opening new offices in the densely populated “sleeping” districts and near the busy highways”, Deputy Chairman of Bank “Saint Petersburg” Pavel Filimonenok says. “The convenient working hours and a full set of the banking services allow us to get new customers in the districts where the Bank hasn’t been present before.”

Bank “Saint Petersburg” plans to develop its branch network further. In the coming month the Bank opens two more additional offices near the Metro stations “Park Pobedy” and “Lomonosovskaya”. Its new branch meets the first clients at prospect Engelsa 85 in July. The Bank has already bought the building for this new office. Bank “Saint Petersburg” is going to allocate near 100 million rubles to development of its network in 2007.