The Bank issued a loan to the company "MST"

Bank “Saint Petersburg” issued a US$20 million loan to ZAO “MST” who allocated it to buy a 45% stake in ZAO “Metrocom”, a multi-profiled operator of the stationary communication in Saint Petersburg.

According to Chairman of Bank “Saint Petersburg” Alexander Savelyev, ZAO “MST” is a reliable and stable borrower, and the business bought by the company is prospective not only from the economic point of view but it is also very important for the strategic development of Saint Petersburg.

The core products provided by Metrocom include the complex telecommunication services and solutions; local and intra-zone telephone communication services, telephone cards “Metrocom”; services for long-distance operators and transnational companies; dedicated digital channels and data transmission services; Internet services, services for business centers, TV signal broadcasting services; services for participants of the financial market; informational services; broadband multi-service city network “Metrocom GigaSream” and communication services for the residential houses.

The company “MST” has been operating on the market since 2005. They are specialized in the area of IT technologies and communications. They supply the telecommunication equipment, software, office equipment, spare parts and consumables to the corporate clients. They also supply, install and maintain the air conditioning systems and design, install and maintain the local computer networks. As a shareholder of ZAO “Metrocom”, MST plans to develop it further as a key provider of the complex services and solutions in the area of telecommunications in Saint Petersburg.