The Bank began to issue VISA INFINITE cards

On 15th February, Bank “Saint Petersburg” and VISA International held a joint press-conference.

The reason of that press-conference was two significant events: issuance of a jubilee 250,000 Visa cards by Bank “Saint Petersburg” and launch of the premium-class Visa Infinite cards.

Bank “Saint Petersburg” is a Principal Member of Visa International since 1995 and issues all types of debit and credit Visa cards. In 2003 the Bank was the first in Saint Petersburg who began to issue the chip cards, and today it is the first in the North-West Russia who has announced issuance of the Visa Infinite cards.

The Visa Infinite card is an advanced and prestigious payment tool oriented towards the most well-to-do class of the potential cardholders. “Realization of this project is another culmination stage in the development of the Bank’s payment card business, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Pavel Filimonenok says. - But we shall continue to work on expansion of the service options of this product, taking into account the growing requirements made by the customers to the banking services of the premium class.”

The cardholder gets not only a universal payment tool but also an exclusive accompanying services and preferences available only to the holders of the cards of the highest degree. This card doesn’t differ technically from the other cards issued by the Bank. The main difference is a package of additional services which the payment system and the Bank provide to the holder of such card.

Bank “Saint Petersburg” has developed an exclusive program of the banking services, including a revolving credit line, an individual servicing by a personal manager, a round-the-clock help desk for the Visa Infinite cardholders, SMS servicing and Internet banking.

The partners of Visa International provide the holders of such cards with some insurance services and a round-the-clock concierge service, which performs a lot of functions in different areas: traveling, entertainment, purchases and personal needs. The owners of the Visa Infinite cards enjoy the exclusive offers made by the prestigious hotels and world clubs as well as the discount and bonus programs of the elite beauty shops, stores and restaurants specially developed for the cardholders, whose list is added constantly.

Speaking at the press-conference the Head of the Visa Representative Office in Russia, Vice President of Visa CEMEA Mr. Oliver Hughes underlined: “By today the Russian banks, members of Visa International, have already issued over 30 million Visa cards. In order to compete successfully in similar conditions the banks have to provide such payment products, which satisfy the needs of each particular client as full as possible. The Visa Infinite card helps the bank to find a correct approach to cooperation with the most reliable and well-to-do customers and also offer them the most convenient payment tool, which corresponds to their style and mode of life.”

Mr. Hughes also congratulated Bank “Saint Petersburg” for achievement of the point at 250,000 Visa cards and expressed his thanks for the Bank’s contribution to the development and popularization of the non-cash payments in general.