New mortgage program of Bank "Saint Petersburg"

Bank “Saint Petersburg” launched joint mortgage programs together with the construction companies Gatchinsky DSK, YIT DOM and Ozerki, under which the Bank is going to issue loans to buy flats in houses under construction.

The loan term is 20 years. The first contribution is 10% of the price of purchased accommodation. The Bank also offers an accompanying loan to cover the first contribution for a term of 3 years. The loan rate doesn’t depend on the form of income proof and makes up at the phase of construction 14% per annum in rubles, 12% in USD or 11% in EUR, and after the end of construction – 13%, 11% or 10% per annum respectively. The minimum loan amount is 250,000 rubles (or its equivalent in foreign currency).

The Bank increased the borrower’s maximum age up to 65 years for men and 60 years for women. If the borrower’s income isn’t sufficient, the Bank considers the incomes of a few co-borrowers. The Bank’s fees are minimal: 1,450 rubles for review of a loan application and 4,000 rubles for issue of the loan. Cash withdrawals for settlements via a safe vault are free of charge.