Bank Saint Petersburg announced the change of its Registrar

The Supervisory Council of OJSC Bank Saint Petersburg decided to terminate the agreement with the Bank’s Registrar – CJSC PCRC and approved OJSC Moscow Central Depository (MCD) as its new Registrar.

The decision to change the Registrar follows the Bank’s recent IPO and the start of the Bank’s shares trading on the Russia’s largest exchanges – RTS and MICEX. Being public company, Bank made the evaluation of the potential Registrar on the base of modern technologies, business reputation, high-performance software and developed branch network. Bank considered and analyzed the proposals made by major Russia’s specialized registrars and, as a result, has chosen OJSC MCD.

19.12.2007 Bank Announces 2007 9-Month IFRS Results

10.12.2007 Bank shares begin trading on MICEX

06.12.2007 Bank ordinary shares begin trading on RTS

04.12.2007 Registration of the additional issue of the Bank’s shares

26.11.2007 Bank raised a USD 70 Million Syndicated Term Loan Facility

22.11.2007 Deputy Chairman for the Regional Network Development was appointed

15.11.2007 Fitch changed the outlook of the Bank’s rating to “Positive”

12.11.2007 The Bank launched a new website

02.11.2007 Bank Saint Petersburg OJSC Shares Priced at US $5.40 per Share and US $16.20 per GDR

23.10.2007 Bank Announces Price Range

20.10.2007 The Bank opened two new branches

09.10.2007 Bank Announces Intention to Float

21.09.2007 The Prospect of the Bank’s securities was registered

20.09.2007 The Bank moves to a new building in 2010

07.09.2007 Amendments to the Bank's Charter

06.09.2007 The Bank and the Housing Committee of Saint Petersburg signed an agreement on cooperation

15.08.2007 The Bank demonstrated the best car loan growth dynamics in Russia

26.07.2007 Meeting of the Supervisory Council

17.07.2007 The Bank issued the Eurobonds

16.07.2007 The Bank's own equity grew 45% in the 1st half-year

12.07.2007 Moody's assigned its rating to the Bank's LPN

09.07.2007 Fitch confirmed the Bank's ratings

02.07.2007 The Bank raised US$100m

22.06.2007 The Bank opened a Mortgage Center

18.06.2007 Chairman Alexander Savelyev holds 29.99% shares in Bank "Saint Petersburg"

07.06.2007 Nordic Investment Bank issued the Bank a long-term credit line of 20 mln Euro

06.06.2007 Bonds of OOO "Rubezh-Plus Region" were placed in full

04.06.2007 The Bank's car loan portfolio reached 1 billion rubles

01.06.2007 The Head Territorial Office of the Central Bank of the RF for Moscow approved Tatiana Bogdanovich as a Director of the Bank

18.05.2007 The General Meeting of Shareholders

07.05.2007 Moody's Investors Service raised the Bank's ratings on 4th May 2007

25.04.2007 The Bank issued a mandate for a syndicated loan

23.04.2007 The report on the Bank's additional issue was registered

19.04.2007 The Bank became a laureate of the Builder of the Year - 2006

18.04.2007 Tatiana Bogdanovich was appointed as a director of the Bank

12.04.2007 The Bank's results (as of 01.04.2007)

11.04.2007 The Bank opened three new offices

06.04.2007 The Bank issued a loan to the company "MST"

16.03.2007 The Bank acts as a guarantor before the customs authorities

21.02.2007 The Bank's Prize Drawing

16.02.2007 The Bank began to issue VISA INFINITE cards

15.02.2007 The Bank lowered its mortgage loan interest rates

31.01.2007 New mortgage program of Bank "Saint Petersburg"

23.01.2007 Bank "Saint Petersburg" summarized its performance in 2006