Dividend payment

Due to amendments in the current law (on the basis of the Federal Law dated 29.12.2012 N 282-FZ) the dividends will be paid in non-cash form only starting from 2014. Cash form of payment is not envisaged. Dividends to individuals shall be paid through bank transfers or by postal money order. Any and all shareholders who failed to specify bank accounts for transfer of dividends are hereby requested to specify them in the registered person questionnaire or, in case shares are registered with the depository, in the depositor's questionnaire. If a shareholder has no current account in any bank, Bank Saint-Petersburg is ready to open such an account free of charge. If you wish to make amendments to the registered person questionnaire (depositor's questionnaire) you shall address the Share Capital Department at: +7 /812/ 329 5022.

In accordance with Article 42 of the Federal Law "On Joint-Stock Companies" a person not receiving dividend declared due to the fact that the company or the registrar does not have the required address or banking details shall be entitled to require payment of such dividend (unclaimed dividend) within three years from the date of the relevant resolution to pay dividend. Upon expiry of such period the declared dividend unclaimed by the shareholder shall be recovered as the company's retained earnings, and the obligation to pay it shall be terminated.

You may indicate your bank details for transfer of dividend and required complete address details in the Registered Person Questionnaire (if the shares are registered with the Bank's registrar) or in the Depositor's Questionnaire (if the shares are registered with the Bank's Depositary).

A representative of JSC “Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T.”, the registrar, shall witness signing of the Registered Person Questionnaire.

A representative of the Bank’s Depositary shall witness signing of the Depositor’s Questionnaire at the following address:
Room 334, 64A Malookhtinsky pr., 195112 St. Petersburg
Telephone: 812 329 5000, ext. 5201 (Monday - Friday: from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., break from 1 p.m. till 2 p.m.)

If authorized representatives of the registrar or the depositary, as the case may be, are not present at signing the questionnaires the signature put on the questionnaire shall be certified by the notary public.

Any inquires with regard to the dividend payments on the Bank's shares shall be addressed to +7 /812/ 329 5022.