Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary ensures the Bank's compliance with current law and provisions of the Bank's Charter and internal regulations which guarantee the rights and legitimate interests of the shareholders in preparation for and in course of the Bank's corporate action, facilitates the relations between the Bank and its shareholders, ensures preparation for and holding of the General Shareholders' Meeting and operation of the Bank's Supervisory Board and its Committees, contributes to the development of the Bank's corporate governance practices.

Corporate Secretary is heading a dedicated structural unit of the Bank, the Corporate Secretary Service.

On June 19, 2014 the Supervisory Board of Bank Saint Petersburg elected Andrey V. Romashov to the position of the Corporate Secretary.

Andrey V. Romashov
Corporate Secretary

Bank Saint Petersburg
64A Malookhtinsky pr.
195112 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Tel.: +7 /812/ 332 7846