Bank Saint Petersburg is the largest private bank in Northwest Russia. The financial services provided by the Bank support the local development of the region and its sustainable economic growth, as well as helping individual customers to reach their financial targets.

Services for customers still constitute the core of the Bank’s business. The Bank has 1 770 000 individual customers and 52 000 corporate customers. Its proximity to customers, high processing speed, and flexibility of decisions remain the traditional advantages of Bank Saint Petersburg in the Northwest region. Combined with the introduction of new quality standards for all operations, settlements and services, these factors determine the Bank’s contribution to the social and economic growth of the Russian Northwest.


The Bank continues to develop its branch network in St. Petersburg, creating the most up-to-date and convenient outlets, lending centres and round-the-clock service locations. As of January 1, 2017, the Bank’s customer service network comprises 61 outlets, 8 mortgage lending centres and 3 car lending centres. The numbers of ATMs and POS terminals were increased in the reporting year to 781 and 6 887 respectively.

In 2016, the Bank continued to open new offices, in which a new approach to business has been realized through an integrated system of organizational and technological innovations. Open space provides proper attention to each client, while spatial zoning is fully aligned with the needs of various customer groups. At the office entrance, there is an extended 24-hour self-service zone. The main part of the office is divided into an operational service zone (for quick operations), a zone for more time-consuming operations, and the cash-desk zone. There is a comfortable waiting area between these zones. At the same time, individual customer services are provided separately, in a designated area away from the main office zones. This Premium Zone is for VIP-client services and there is a special room for confidential meetings.

The Bank is also actively developing its business in the digital environment. 44% of private customers are users of Internet Bank. The key innovations for 2016 include: MasterPass technology provided by Mastercard for secure and convenient purchases from online stores; Money Transfer request, a fast way to create invoices and send requests for payment to customers of any bank, with no payer’s details needed and no fees for either of the parties; and Automatic Bill Payment for the subscribers of all major Russian operators.

91% of corporate customers are users of the i2B Internet Bank, which was launched in 2014. A number of unique features were launched in 2016: the new “Traffic Lights” feature was designed to enhance the security of money transfers, and “ExIm Business”, which brings together all information required for cross-border trade participants. Additional features of the Quotation Board include a choice of transaction confirmation time, non-deliverable forwards for customers having an account in only one currency and the “My FX Rate” function, allowing customers to choose their desired target exchange rate, which once reached, executes the transaction automatically. New functions were also added to Internet Bank i2B for the users who executed public contracts as part of the state defence procurement program.


Close proximity to customers, a high processing speed and the flexibility of the decision making process remain the traditional advantages of Bank Saint Petersburg in the Northwest region.

The Bank introduced its continuously functioning Loan Factory project by fine-tuning the lending process throughout the entire life cycle of a loan, from application review and disbursement of funds to a loan follow-up for both individuals and legal entities. In view of the fact that loan product automation is a crucial element of the Loan Factory, the Bank standardized the procedure for the automation of newly introduced loan products.

The technological leadership of the Bank guarantees a high-speed of digital services. All Internet Bank services – loans, deposits, and cards – are easily available to customers in a click. The service is based on the timely creation of personalized offers and pre-completed forms in the channel most convenient for the customer.


Bank Saint Petersburg is striving to become the leading bank in the Northwest Region in terms of service quality and, in view of this strategic goal, continues to improve its procedures for managing service quality. In addition to quality customer services provided by the Bank's outlets, considerable focus is placed on the technologies that make the Bank's products and services more user-friendly and accessible to its customers. This convenient service structure spans across the entire range of digital banking channels.

In addition, a system for monitoring and processing customer enquiries was created to allow the Bank to respond to any request as efficiently as possible. The system provides customers with easily accessible feedback channels and handles any type of customer enquiry, including through actual visits to the Bank, phone calls, e-mails, regular mail, as well as comments posted on the most popular social networks.

Customers can leave feedback while using any of the Bank’s services. Customer feedback allows the Bank to respond to the requirements and wishes of its clients with consideration and flexibility. The Bank values the suggestions of its customers and does its best to follow them. Proposals that are unable to be implemented immediately are added to the Bank’s pool of valuable ideas.

Bank Saint Petersburg is in the Premier League of the general public’s rating at (among the top 50 banks with the highest number of accepted votes) and was ranked 16th in Russia at the end of 2016. This public rating is based on feedback left by customers, by taking into account the quality of customer care and banking services, the response time and the Bank’s ability to settle various issues.

The quality of the Bank's products and services in 2016 was also distinguished by a number of federal and regional awards, including the Russian Financial Elite and the Financial Olympus national awards. The Bank’s digital banking innovations received multiple prizes at the Customer eXperience Awards Russia 2016 and Time for Innovation. In addition, the Bank was ranked among the top five retail banks in terms of customer service quality at the Retail Finance Awards and won the Consumer Confidence and Global Banking & Finance Review Awards, in the category of Best Mortgage Bank.