Bank Saint Petersburg attaches great importance to the successful development of the Russian Northwest, strictly adhering to social responsibility principles in its business operations. As the largest private bank in the region, Bank Saint Petersburg never distances itself from socially significant projects in the region, but rather taking an active part in them.

The Bank pays particular attention to the following three groups of social responsibility initiatives: supporting underprivileged children, protecting the environment, and encouraging financial awareness.


In 2015, the Bank continued its long-term aid program for Kolpino Foster Care Centre No. 27. The project started in 2006 when the Bank joined Board of Trustees of this institution. In addition to improving the Centre's facilities and infrastructure, the Bank also offers the children additional vocational training, healthcare and leisure activities. The Bank regularly provides incentives for talented teachers of the Centre.

Bank Saint Petersburg is actively involved in implementing socially important charity programs in the city. For nearly 10 years, the Bank has been supporting the Helping Homeless Dogs Charity Foundation.

Fittingly for its High Culture Banking slogan, Bank Saint Petersburg continues to support important cultural initiatives in the city. Already for the fourth time, the Bank in 2015 became the title partner of the traditional St. Petersburg Museum Night, one of the city's most spectacular annual cultural events. More than 100 000 people visited participating museums, which is a record number of visitors for the event.

The Bank was the title sponsor of the 2015 Alley of Floating Umbrellas event, in which an installation of hundreds of multi-colored umbrellas were positioned on one of the central streets of St. Petersburg to form a bright unified composition. For one month, the Alley of Floating Umbrellas became a venue for city events, master classes, concerts and exhibitions.

The Opera for Everyone International Festival, another landmark project of the year, showcased various masterpieces of classical opera. It gave local residents and visitors of St. Petersburg the chance to enjoy open-air performances of some of the most popular world operas against the backdrop of the city's famous architectural complexes completely free of charge.

Bank Saint Petersburg acted as the title sponsor of Message to Man, the city's largest and most long-established film festival which featured more than 200 documentary, animated, experimental and short films.

Through unique immersive technology, the high-tech multimedia exhibitions Monet to Cézanne and Van Gogh Alive supported by the Bank turned regular art exhibitions into unforgettable sensory experiences.

The Bank was a proud partner of the opening of the Victory Arch, a special commemorative event held in Krasnoye Selo on the Victory Day of May 9, 2015.

A an alley of 25 chestnut trees was planted in the park adjacent to the Bank's headquarters to mark the Bank’s 25th Anniversary.


In addition to its traditional charity events, the Bank has since 2012 supported its employees in their own volunteer projects. During 2015, more than 500 Bank employees volunteered for a number of important charity projects including:

  • White Flower and Dreams Come True projects supporting a children's hospice;
  • assisting a junior whitewater slalom club;
  • volunteer classes and workshops held in foster homes;
  • New Year gift collection and holiday event for the children of the Sortavala Orphanage;
  • charity auction selling items handcrafted by the Bank's employees for the benefit of Kolpino Foster Care Centre No. 27.


Bank Saint Petersburg cooperates with a wide range of enterprises in St. Petersburg in order to support environmentally-oriented projects.

For instance, the Bank issued a guarantee to Lenmontazh LLC for completion of a government contract for capital repair of a cultural heritage site, the Rzhevsky (Okhtinsky) Hydroengineering Complex dam on the Bolshaya Okhta River, as ordered by the St. Petersburg Committee for Natural Resources Management, Environment Protection and Environmental Safety.

Another example of environmental projects is the guarantee securing the obligations of OJSC TSP under a contract for construction of a processing plant to neutralize toxic agents in landfill gas (biogas) and transforming the biogas into electric power. The plant is under construction on the site of the Novy Svet-Eco solid domestic waste landfill in Novy Svet settlement of the Gatchina District (Leningrad Region).


Bank Saint Petersburg provides loans to St. Petersburg enterprises and issues guarantees to secure the performance of contracts under projects that are socially-oriented and aimed at solving socio-economic problems of the region.

For instance, in 2015 the Bank issued a guarantee to Metrostroy-2 OJSC to secure the performance of a contract for construction of the St. Petersburg subway line from Spasskaya station to Morskoy Fasad station for the amount of RUB 2.1 bn, as well as a contract for maintenance and repair of St. Petersburg Dam engineering infrastructure amounting to RUB 0.7 bn.

One of the landmarks of 2015 was the loan agreement with Global BUS LLC (authorized dealer of MAZ OJSC) for the purposes of delivery of 80 new large-capacity single-section low-deck buses to Passazhiravtotrans State Unitary Enterprise, which will enable Passazhiravtotrans to promptly upgrade its entire fleet in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The Bank issued a guarantee to Vozrozhdenie Peterburga LLC to secure the performance of contracts for a total amount of more than RUB 150 mln, including restoration and repair works of a number of historical sites including St. Isaac's Cathedral and Gatchina Palace.

The Bank also signed a loan agreement with Groteks LLC (pharmaceutical factory Solopharm) for investment loan granting of RUB 1.7 bn for 5 years with the aim of increasing the enterprise’s capacity within existing technology of aseptic filling to ensure double growth in production volumes.

In 2015, the Bank also granted loans to Basseiny LLC for implementation of the strategic investment project of St. Petersburg for construction of three indoor swimming pools.

With its expertise in the retail sphere and a reputation as a reliable partner, Bank Saint Petersburg renders products and services that are in high demand and have a major social impact. This includes mortgage loans, the maternity (family) capital payments scheme, the social security payments scheme and the pension scheme.

The Bank is involved in targeted citywide programs such as “Affordable Housing for the Young” and “Development Long-Term Housing Finance in St. Petersburg”, striving to make borrowing convenient and affordable for private customers.

For the past 14 years the Bank has been issuing and servicing the “Newborn” and “Preschool” social benefits cards to which child benefit payments are credited, and which can subsequently be used to make payments for baby and childcare products in specialized stores. As of January 1, 2016, 223 000 “Newborn” and “Preschool” cards had been issued.

Since 2011, under an agreement with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Bank pays out pensions not only to St. Petersburg pensioners but also to individuals living in the Leningrad Region. As of January 1, 2016, more than 11 300 pensioners had received the Bank’s cards.

Bank Saint Petersburg is fully aware of the importance of building a healthy social environment in the city of St. Petersburg and in the Northwest of Russia, and will continue to be actively involved in the social life of the city by implementing its traditional charity projects and encouraging employees’ volunteer initiatives.