Bank Saint Petersburg attaches great importance to the successful development of the regions of its presence, strictly adhering to social responsibility principles in its business operations.

The Bank pays particular attention to the following three groups of social responsibility initiatives: supporting underprivileged children, developing the urban environment, and encouraging financial awareness.


In 2019, the Bank continued its long-term aid program for Kolpino Family Education Support Center No. 9 (formerly known as Foster Care Center No. 27). The project started in 2006 when the Bank joined the Board of Trustees of this institution. In addition to improving the Center’s facilities and infrastructure, the Bank also offers the children additional vocational training, healthcare and leisure activities, vocational guidance. The Bank is sponsoring study and interest groups, Graduates Club, a range of excursions and trips as well as educational materials and games, facilities and resources. The Bank regularly provides incentives for talented teachers at the Center. In 2019, the Bank presented an automobile to the Center for sightseeing and health improvement trips.

Bank Saint Petersburg is actively implementing socially important charity programs in the city. For 14 years, the Bank has been supporting the Helping Homeless Dogs Charity Foundation. Funds are allocated to shelter 500 stray dogs and 100 cats.

Fittingly for its High Culture Banking slogan, Bank Saint Petersburg continues to support important cultural initiatives in the city. For the fifth time, the Bank sponsored another landmark project of the year — the Opera for Everyone International Festival, which showcased various masterpieces of classical opera. It gave local residents and visitors of St. Petersburg the chance to enjoy open-air performances of some of the world’s most popular operas, against the backdrop of the city’s famous architectural complexes, completely free of charge. The Bank has also supported a vibrant project in the city on the intersection between theatrical and visual arts — Metamorphoses. It is a showcase of great artists — set designers, taking place at BDT Theater in November through December of 2019 and demonstrating changes that occurred in the Russian set design throughout the century.

In 2019 the Bank’s customers transferred RUB 10 mln for charity through electronic channels. This is the total amount of payments that the Bank transferred in 2019 in favour of partner vendors from the Charity category of payments in Internet and Mobile Banking Systems. More than 10 thousand transfers were performed in 2019, which means that the amount of one payment for good cause made up RUB 1 000.


In addition to its traditional charity events, since 2012, the Bank has supported its employees in their volunteer projects. During 2019, the Bank’s employees volunteered for a number of important charity projects, including:

  • The White Flower and Dreams Come True projects supporting a children’s hospice in St. Petersburg;
  • Supervision of lessons and workshops as well as socialization, adaptation and career guidance classes at Family Education Support Center No. 9. This project has existed in the Bank since 2015. Within this project, the Bank’s employees visit the center, hold workshops, supervise excursions and visits to culture and sport events, and communicate with its children. Career guidance is an important part of the project: The Bank’s initiative to visit enterprises is actively supported by corporate customers.  The project aims to assist socialization and prepare children for adult life;
  • The Good Deeds New Year Tree campaign organized by the Bank within the Kind St. Petersburg city festival. Around 500 employees of the Bank gathered New Year gifts which amounted to more than RUB 100 thousand for disadvantaged children and families as well as for graduates of Leningrad siege orphanages;
  • The Bank’s volunteers helped to reconstruct the historical apple-tree orchard of the Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences situated in Pavlovo, Leningrad oblast;
  • The Bank’s volunteers organize one-off ecological campaigns: Clean up forest areas and parks, plant trees and supervize open air entertaining and educational events for Family Education Support Center No. 9.


In 2019, the Bank issued a guarantee to SSU-5 OJSC to fulfill the contract for an Ecopark construction in St. Petersburg. According to the Improvement Committee under the Government of St. Petersburg, the total area of the Ecopark will be 75 hectares, and its territory will contain a mix of the Forest zone with untouched wildlife, and the Park zone provided with everything necessary for a comfortable stay for residents of all ages. In this part of the Park, there will be sports and children’s playgrounds, areas for quiet stay and an amphitheater where concerts can be held. The natural part of the Park will occupy 54 of the 75 hectares. When it is arranged, the goal is to minimize interfering with the world of flora and fauna. Wildlife will become a "visual aid" for studying plants, birds and other inhabitants of the territory adjacent to the Yuntolovsky nature reserve. In this part of the Park the largest number of rare plant species is concentrated. The new Park is scheduled to open in 2021.

In 2019, the Bank issued guarantees to a number of garden and park enterprises in St. Petersburg in the amount of over RUB 200 mln for the maintenance, development and restoration of green zones, and improvement of the overall environmental situation in the districts of St. Petersburg.

On October 24, 2019, the Bank took part in a worldwide "paperless" campaign, the main goal of which is to show real examples of how people and organizations can contribute to the conservation of natural resources. The uniqueness of the campaign is also in the benefits not only to the nature, but also to the business. The use of electronic document management technologies and optimization of business processes allow organizations to gradually reduce the cost of printing, storing and transporting paper.


In 2019, the Bank won a tender to provide financial services to the State Enterprise Gorelektrotrans. The Bank will issue the institution a non-revolving credit line for RUB 2 bn. The funds will be used to purchase a batch of 21 new Vityaz-M low-floor trams that will serve passengers in the South-West of St. Petersburg.

In the reporting year, the Bank provided a credit line for State Enterprise Center in the amount of RUB 3.0 bn for the purchase of 471 units of snow removal equipment for the needs of the city. This will improve the quality and efficiency of St. Petersburg streets cleaning of.

In 2019, the Bank continued to participate in State programs of concessional car loans within which one may receive a subsidy of 10% of the vehicle value for cost recovery of a down payment for citizens who have two or more minor children or have not previously owned a vehicle. The Bank, participating in the State programs First Car and Family Car, on the one hand, provides support to society, on the other hand, supports domestic automotive industry.

In May 2019, the Bank started issuing the Resident ID Card. The Resident ID Card is a unique offer in St. Petersburg banking services market. It combines functions of the MIR National Payment System banking card, public transport pass, Medical Insurance Policy card and a discount card. The card is issued and serviced free of charge. Moreover, cardholders participate in National Payment System and YARKO loyalty programs. At the request of the cardholder the Bank can affix on the Card an enhanced qualified digital signature.

The Bank is a participant in the implementation of a city Campus Card project for St. Petersburg State University students that has the following capabilities:

  • Electronic identification for access to University or equipment (including copying and printing documents), for registration on educational scientific and other events, as a library card;
  • Payment certificate with the ability to withdraw all payments to the University via remote service channels (website, mobile application);
  • Public transportation payment;
  • Clinic appointment;
  • An electronic signature to expand electronic document management without necessity of the “live” signature on documents.

In 2019, the Bank joined the implementation of the Schoolchild ID Card project. In the beginning of the school year, the students of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums received the Schoolchild ID Card enabling them to enter their educational institution and pay at canteens. Details of such operations are transferred to the unified information system and may be accessed by parents through their Profile at St. Petersburg Education portal. Schoolchild ID Cards may be replenished at the Bank, via Internet Bank, mobile application as well as through payment kiosks. No fee is charged. The card is credited instantaneously.

In 2019, the Bank and the Payment System MIR signed an agreement on strategic cooperation for collaborative development and advanced payment technologies introduction in socially significant projects. Under this agreement considerable attention is paid to contactless payment development – both in trade and services enterprises and in transport. In the middle of May 2019, the Bank implemented access to Mir Pay contactless payment service and completed a project to implement the Samsung Pay payment service for MIR cards. Due to this, over 350 thousand national payment cardholders can pay for their purchases using smartphones with NFC. Payment system MIR and the Bank will continue to work to popularize cashless and contactless payment in St. Petersburg.

In 2019, the Bank, in collaboration with INPAS/ACCEPT A CARD! and, set up PAX D200 payment terminals in the laundries of four dormitories of the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Students can pick any washing machine or dryer, specify its number on the control unit and pay cashless. PAX D200 is an inexpensive, convenient and very popular terminal that is widely used in vending machines and is ideal for self-service devices.

During 2019, the Bank and Internet publisher Paper were developing the Here is The Best collaborative project. It was a series of informal meetings of St. Petersburg entrepreneurs. The meetings were arranged for St. Petersburg businessmen whose business is closely connected with St. Petersburg. There were projects representing different sectors, e.g. garment industry, furniture production, cosmetics production to technology start-ups and restaurant business. The meetings were held in various city locations: museums, theaters, restaurants. During these meetings, one could hear stories of successful businessmen and communicate with each other in an informal setting.

Being the largest commercial credit organization in the North-West, the Bank traditionally focuses on products and services that are in the community’s highest demand and have a huge social significance.

As part of the implementation of the Strategy for Improving Financial Literacy in the Russian Federation for 2017–2023, the Bank works with citizens of retirement and pre-retirement age to improve their knowledge in the field of financial services and pension provision.

The Bank’s project GENERATION CONNECTION is an event for the pension-aged customers, including face-to-face meetings at Bank’s branches, held with the purpose of increasing the financial literacy levels.

Bank Saint Petersburg is fully aware of the importance of building a healthy social environment and will continue to be actively involved in the social life by implementing its traditional charity projects and encouraging employees’ volunteer initiatives.