Bank Saint Petersburg provides its employees with the most favorable environment to unlock their potential and ensure their professional growth. In 2015, the Supervisory Board approved the Human Resources (HR) Policy, which is a framework document for human resource management that reflects the management's current vision of the Bank's HR development strategy from candidate recruitment, training and career advancement, to staff motivation and corporate culture.

Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the largest employers in the region, with a head count of more than 3 600 employees as of January 1, 2016. Currently 39% of staff work in branch networks and 25% in the Head Office business departments.


The Bank's success largely depends on its current and future employees. Bank Saint Petersburg aims to recruit only the best banking professionals. The 5.9% growth in the number of employees in 2015 was mainly due to the opening of 10 new offices.

One of the Bank's efficient recruitment tools was its Future Banker training program for university graduates. 50 of the more than 130 students of St. Petersburg’s leading universities who took part in the program in 2015 received job offers from the Bank. The success of the Bank’s training project, which in 2011 was shortlisted for the HR Brand Award, is evident in the interest demonstrated both by graduates determined to pursue a career with the Bank and by the Bank's departments that are willing to fill their vacancies with ambitious young alumni of the corporate training program.

The Bank uses dedicated Internet platforms (,, to promote its employer image and to find and recruit candidates. The Bank also communicates with potential job applicants by participating in dedicated forums, job fairs and roundtables, such as Professional Advancement and Choose the Future.


According to its employees and job applicants, one of the competitive advantages of Bank Saint Petersburg as an employer is its strong corporate culture. The Bank's corporate culture is based on the corporate values of: proactive attitude, customer-oriented approach, efficiency and partnership. These values were adopted together with the High Culture Banking slogan during the 2011 rebranding. Since 2011, the corporate culture has been developing in two directions. These are the culture of quality, based on service quality, and the culture of results, based on performance assessment principles.

Bank Saint Petersburg declared 2015 as the Year of Personnel, promoting a new culture of recognition, with the Bank recognizing best achievement, showing appreciation of results, cooperation and support, and publicly distinguishing outstanding performance. These principles were the cornerstone of all corporate events and activities dedicated to the Year of Personnel, including the Bank's anniversary celebrations.

The culture of recognition was initially launched at the winter corporate event organized for the Bank's management, following which more than 400 of the Bank's employees took part in the Scaling New Heights events held in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kaliningrad.

The Top of Mind interactive platform serves as a basis for the development program for middle management, allowing its participants to enhance their management skills.

The automated Bank of Gifts system of additional incentives on the corporate Intranet is used to distinguish outstanding achievements and best employees of the Bank's branches. At the end of each quarter, the list of the top 10 employees in retail and corporate sales of the Bank's products is published on the Intranet. A total of 600 employees of the Bank's branch network took part in the Bank of Gifts program in 2015.

A survey held at the end of 2015 revealed 5% growth in employee engagement (to 73%) and an increase more than 1.5 times in the number of retail employees exceeding their sales targets as compared with 2014.


The Human Resources Policy laid the groundwork for 12 employee rules for defining the principles of successful staff development in Bank Saint Petersburg, and facilitating performance and career advancement.

One of the 12 rules, Develop yourself and others, most closely reflects the Bank's view with regard to staff training. As in previous years, the Year of Personnel demonstrated an increase in the numbers of training programs and their participants, with 47% of headquarters staff taking part in 500 events. The number of training events focused on various products/services and the development of management skills has gained more than 40% since the previous year.

In 2015, in addition to internal modular training programs, middle managers in headquarters and outlet offices completed the Management Competencies training program, designed specifically for the Bank in 2012 and conducted by leading business school professionals.

A total of 438 training events revolving around banking products, services and sales skills were held in 2015 for the employees of the Bank's branch network, 80% of which were organized internally. 98% of the average number of staff of outlet offices went through knowledge testing. The training in banking products and services involves internal coaches who are professional and successful employees sharing their knowledge with others. The growing number of training programs targeted at outlet network employees is related both to changes in the associated role models and new outlets being opened, as well as to special-purpose training events.

Seven Steps to Success. Genesis is a new project aimed at maintaining the high level of proactive sales and quality of customer service demonstrated by the employees of the Bank's branch network. Approximately 300 employees and managers of outlet offices participated in the project in 4Q 2015.

144 managers of the outlets took part in competency testing held in the form of an assessment center, currently one of the most accurate methods for competency assessment. The results showed an improvement in competencies of the Bank's management.

The new and unique Nest training project introduced by the Bank allows the heads of retail offices to implement various projects under the guidance of the Bank's top managers, learning from their vast management experience.

The most promising, active and talented employees of the Bank's branch network take part in the Bench Strength program with the aim of developing corporate and management competencies. The program gives a head start for professional growth and career development. The best program participants enter the pool of candidates to receive further training and subsequently fill the Bank's key vacancies.

Many current Bench Strength participants from the retail business have substantial mentorship experience. Each retail office employee is trained by an assigned mentor, a technique facilitating the onboarding process, improving service quality and enhancing banking product sales. Having shown itself to be highly effective, mentorship is now also practised at Headquarters, in particular, at the Call Centre of the Retail Business Department and in the Bank's Back Office.