Relationships and Responsibility

Relationships and Responsibility


Bank Saint Petersburg is the largest private bank in Northwest Russia. Financial services rendered by the Bank support regional development and sustainable real economy growth, and help individuals to reach their financial targets.

Customer services still constitute the core of the Bank’s business. The Bank has 1 600 000 individual customers and over 56 000 corporate customers. Proximity to customers, high processing speed, and flexibility of decisions remain the traditional advantages of Bank Saint Petersburg in the region. Combined with the introduction of new quality standards for all operations, settlements and services, these factors determine the Bank’s contribution to the social and economic growth of the Russian Northwest.


Bank Saint Petersburg provides its employees with the most favorable environment to unlock their potential and ensure their professional growth. In 2015, the Supervisory Board approved the Human Resources (HR) Policy, which is a framework document for human resource management that reflects the management's current vision of the Bank's HR development strategy from candidate recruitment, training and career advancement, to staff motivation and corporate culture.


Bank Saint Petersburg attaches great importance to the successful development of the Russian Northwest, strictly adhering to social responsibility principles in its business operations. As the largest private bank in the region, Bank Saint Petersburg never distances itself from socially significant projects in the region, but rather taking an active part in them.

The Bank pays particular attention to the following three groups of social responsibility initiatives: supporting underprivileged children, protecting the environment, and encouraging financial awareness.