Strategy 2018-2020

STRATEGY 2018–2020


The key drivers to achieve these goals will be transaction banking development and mass business expansion in the corporate segment.

The development strategy also defines the key objectives in the areas of activity:

  • building an effective corporate segment of large and medium-sized businesses,
  • active selling environment of a corporate small business unit,
  • maximizing the business model of retail business,
  • increasing the share of flow income from operations in financial markets,
  • improving the cost efficiency,
  • effective staff management and the destruction of barriers in internal processes,
  • maintaining a moderate risk appetite and effective use of capital.


Geography Capital M&A Staying public
  • St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Moscow and Kaliningrad
  • No plans for share issues
  • Dividends: at least 20% of RAS net profit
  • Target CAR (RAS):

Total capital – not less than 11.2%

Tier 1 capital – not less than 9.0%

  • Organic growth strategy (attractive M&A transactions are possible)
  • The Bank remains public and upholds the best practices in investor relations
Customer base / Funding Lending Profitability Investments
  • Expanding mass segment customer base
  • L/D ratio < 100%
  • Main focus on corporate loans in the regions of presence 
  • Looking for new retail lending segments
  • Maintaining moderate risk appetite with target cost of risk below 2%
  • Focus on (risk free) transaction business and boosting corporate lending
  • Cost efficiency: cost growth 5% per year, CIR 40%
  • Costs: run the Bank ↓, change the Bank ↑
  • Fast copying of digital solutions
  • Transaction business is an investment priority