Profile of the Bank

The Bank’s business remains primarily focused on St. Petersburg, which has a market comparable in capacity and size to Paris or a medium-sized European country, such as Denmark or Finland. Bank Saint Petersburg maintains a stable position across all major banking service markets.

St. Petersburg accounts for 71% of loans and 91% of deposits of the Bank. Bank Saint Petersburg has expert knowledge of the region, responding promptly to customer needs and market changes. The Moscow branch accounts for 27% of loans and 5% of deposits and the Evropeisky Branch in Kaliningrad accounts for 2% and 4% respectively. Business is also diversified by industry and lending volumes.

Bank Saint Petersburg is the first bank in the last 100 years that has designed and built its own headquarters in St. Petersburg. The ultramodern Head Office was opened in 2011 and became an embodiment of the most advanced technologies in the fields of engineering solutions and customer service.

The Bank is one of the national leaders in the application of high technology solutions. When opening new offices, the Bank is introducing its "office of the future" concept and, at the same time, is actively developing its business in a digital environment. The number of individuals who signed up for Internet Bank reached 1 250 000, representing 1/3 of the economically active population of St. Petersburg.

Bank Saint Petersburg became the first privately-owned Russian bank to complete an IPO at the end of 2007, as this guaranteed not only new equity, but also a new level of reliability and reputation. Today, Bank Saint Petersburg is listed on the Moscow Exchange. To this day, the IPO of Bank Saint Petersburg maintains its status as one of the most successful IPOs among Russian banks.

First and foremost, Bank Saint Petersburg is a city bank whose task is to contribute to St. Petersburg’s future by providing high quality banking services to the residents of the city and its local companies. The Bank pays special attention to the financing programs related to the city life of St. Petersburg by providing loans to all spheres of industry and production facilities, as well as actively developing credit programs focused on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Bank follows the principles of corporate social responsibility and supports city programs aimed at improving the social and economic climate of St. Petersburg.