Business Divisions Review

Сorporate banking

The Bank continues to improve its performance, offering a wide range of cutting-edge banking services to small-, medium- and large-sized enterprises, taking into account each client group’s particular requirements and interests. Today, the Bank’s corporate clients number more than 56 000 companies. The total number of transactions performed by the Bank for its corporate customers in 2015 exceeded 7 900 000.

Bank Saint Petersburg’s corporate banking business remains primarily focused on the regional market of St. Petersburg. In addition, the Bank strengthened its positions in Kaliningrad in 2015 through the creation of its Evropeisky Branch which currently has over 5 000 corporate customers (Bank Saint Petersburg completed the integration of Bank Evropeisky (Kaliningrad) during the reporting year, reorganizing it together with the Bank's Kaliningrad Branch into a new Evropeisky Branch).

Loans to legal entities represent 85.6% of the total loan portfolio. The sectoral breakdown of the Bank’s corporate portfolio reflects St. Petersburg’s economic structure, which has a high proportion of construction, real estate, trade and production, allowing the Bank to benefit from all the advantages of the region’s economic structure, as well as to contribute to its development. At the same time, significant attention is being focused on expanding business in Moscow. As of January 1, 2016, 27.6% of the Bank’s corporate loan portfolio is made up of loans originating in the Moscow branch.

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Retail banking

As one of the key players in St. Petersburg’s retail banking services, Bank Saint Petersburg aims to become the first bank of choice for the city's residents. The Bank currently has 1 600 000 retail customers, forming a solid base for the future successful growth of its retail business. The total number of transactions performed by the Bank for its retail customers in 2015 reached 8 850 000.

During 2015, the retail loan portfolio increased by 10.1% to RUB 48.7 bn. While mortgage loans gained 20.4%, consumer and car loans showed a 2.6% and 31.9% decline respectively. The share of loans to individuals amounted to 14.4% of the total loan portfolio.

The Bank maintains a constant retail deposit growth rate. In 2015, the total amount of retail deposits increased by 20.5%, reaching RUB 188.1 bn. The share of retail deposits amounts to 54.8% of total customer deposits.

The Bank was ranked among the top 5 retail banks in terms of customer service quality, according to Retail Finance Awards 2015.

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Private banking

Since 2007, the Bank has successfully been developing a modern Private Banking business, providing personal banking services to the wealthiest private clients.

The Bank's VIP customers are served at the specially designated, centrally located office, which features the highest standards of comfort, safety and confidentiality, including a separate parking area and a convenient vault room.

As at January 1, 2016, the total number of VIP-segment clients stood at 2 187, of whom 1 673 were members of the VIP-Club Private Banking BSPb, a private club for wealthy private clients. In 2015, the volume of deposits from the VIP-segment increased by 23% to reach more than RUB 44.5 bn.

Private Banking allows customers to receive the full range of banking products and services, including deposits, lending and cash management services, as well as brokerage, dealing and consulting services that are tailored to address an individual client’s needs. The large number of investment, real estate and insurance partners allows the settlement of customers’ issues of varying levels of complexity. The Bank's Concierge Service efficiently deals with customer requests related to travel, private aviation, real estate, art purchases etc.

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